Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Ruffled Cardigan and Staying Warm

I have finished the fronts and back, and decided to stitch the shoulders and add the front ruffle detail, before doing the sleeves. The reason this made sense to me is that I may run out of yarn, and would rather have shorter sleeves than an incomplete ruffle edge.

The ruffle is stocking stitch with increases every sixth row, and garter stitch for 6 rows at the outside edge. It is less flouncy than I thought, but I think that is fine for now.

I need four really interesting buttons for the holes you can see. I have started the sleeves, but was so busy yesterday I did not get much done (I meant to post this last evening!).

I started the day well with a quick grocery run, followed by a slow and thorough visit to the Y. Then after lunch I hosted a nuno-felting session for Jane... forgot to take the after photo...

That took us to dinner, and AT THE SAME TIME.... (they always write knitting patterns like that) I had the football game on, and watched the Bears kill the Falcons. Bye Bye Seattle.

The day was good. Until we discovered that there was a weird noise (ignored for a while) then a weird burning smell (not so easy to ignore) and we concluded our furnace was doing something wonky, so we turned it OFF and went to bed (with extra quilts).

This morning, I am really impressed with the level of insulation in our home.... it is 65F (17C) and this is impressive as it is 8F (-14C) outside! After this cup of coffee and this posting, I will be calling our furnace guy! Keep warm.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Mine did that funny smell thing some years back and the fan needed to be replaced.
Unfortunately it was winter and as cold inside as it was outside. :0(

That's quite a project that you have going there.
You keep reminding me of how I have slacked off on my knitting.

chris said...

you aren't slacking off on knitting if you are reading knitting blogs. You are still enjoying the joys of knitting vicariously! enjoy!