Friday, March 30, 2012

hi y'all

I have not post for a while, sorry, but I am away for a golf vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach. While here I had a moment to stop in and visit the gals at Knit`n`Purl. I only had half an hour between golf and dinner, but did a bit of damage to my Visa, and was more than impressed by the variety of yarns, especially the cotton and linens, perfect for the warm weather.
I bought some denim colour cotton, and some of the self rouching fast knit scarf yarn that is all the rage.... Wait till you see what I want to do with it!!
The pink cable sweater is done and I will be posting the pattern when I get home to all my notes... more about that tomorrow (I am tired after a long day of golf and sun and yarn shopping, and walking on the beach)
I leave you with this photo of a cute sand castle on the beach.

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