Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink Cables

Here are a couple of photos of the merino cable sweater underway. I love the traditional look of 4 stitch cables over and over all over the sweater! It is such a simple repeat, I think even beginners can master this pattern. It also makes such a stretchy fabric, it should fit really nicely. The photo below shows the back, and the raglan detail. The four stitch edging will be stitched to another four stitch edging from the sleeves to create a wide diagonal band to contrast the vertical cable lines.
This merino superwash wool is so soft but really holds the cable details. Perfect.

I also love the single purl row that divides the ribbing from the cables. It also hides the 10 stitch increase in that last row before the cables start. Details!


StickLena =KnitLena said...

What a lovely colour! And the cables are so nice!

knitmaus said...

Very pretty colour indeed.