Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Felt Art

This new felt piece is designed to hang on a wall, and was made by wet felting the background, including the "rocks", then forcing the rocks to bubble out with small rocks! Once dry the rocks are removed and more yarn and fleece and felted bits are then needle felted into place. The bulrushes are boucle wool, needle felted into shape then needle felted onto the piece. The flag stick is placed in a hole in the green. And of course there is a felted golf ball in a very favorable position on the green. The piece is inspired by the eighth hole of my golf course, with a creek in front of the green. Natural tree branches, found in the park after the most recent wind storm, make the frame and the whole piece is laced into place.

Detail of creek and rocks and bulrushes.

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Anonymous said...

This is outstanding!