Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apples and Wine

One more photo of the apples, inside.  The colours are a bit truer in this light.

 We had a great day today.  My sister booked a British Cab, and driver, to take 5 of us on a wine tour of Niagara on the Lake.  Here is our cab, and Dennie, our driver.... The company is Niagara Classic Cars, and they have many cool vehicles for hire for any type of event.  Many of their cars have been used in movie shoots around Ontario.  The double decker bus was out on a shoot this week!  I would recommend this company to add value to your Niagara vacation!!!
 Here is the Angel Inn, where we had a British Pub lunch.  Mmmm.
 This is Frog Pond Farm, an organic winery, and my sister with her camera.
 The cab again.... so cute.
 My daughter and I overlooking the vineyard, and Lake Ontario in the distance.
 Konzleman Estates Winery.
 The Guinea Hens that eat the bugs that would eat the grapes at the organic winery!
And of course , along the way there were MANY wine tastings and more than a few bottles popped into the London Cabs "boot".   What a lovely day.

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