Friday, July 6, 2012

Apples are in the Tree!

Moving on with the art project...  I made some stems.  They are knit from wool.  Here I show them attaching the leaf clusters to the main branch.  You can see how much definition the front leaves now have against the background stem and leaves.  I think this will add depth to the picture.
You can also see some beads sewn into the main branch to add texture and detail.
Here is the layout of the apples, first with paper patterns, so that I could get the size and spacing that I liked.
Then the apples themselves, with everything still lying loosely on the background.  I could still play with the balance of the design, and try to get it as close to the photo as I want.  Then I stitched everything down in their place.
Here is one close up of the start of beading on the apples.  The beading will add a bit of shimmer and texture to the otherwise very matt surface that felting is.

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