Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Full Panel.... ready to mount!

Almost finished.  The first photo shows the photograph on the left and the felt work on the right.  The apples are a bit more green than the photo shows, the felt looks a bit grey in the evening light.

 Close up of leaves and stems.

 The last one shows large beads near the base of the apple, and smaller beads in the rusty lines of the apple.  Unfortunately the full three dimension effect does not show in the photos.  The bottom of the apple, with the dark beads and details is also indented into a bit of padding to add to the apple shape.
You need to come see it in person when it gets to a permanent home in the fall!


Valerie Brown said...

Looks great Chris! My felting is going to make yours look REALLY good (ha, ha...).

Unknown said...

Hi Chris, looking forward to meeting you and seeing the actual panel. The colours are stunning and the beadwork adds just enough sparkle to light up the details.

I like your added knitted stems. They give the work added interest and more dimension.