Friday, March 27, 2009

Sandbagging, not just for golfers!

In my little world, the term "sand-bagger" is used to describe a golfer that artificially inflates his/her handicap in order to gain a better net score and thus clean up (win) more tournaments. Obviously, not a complimentary term, and the shame of the true and honest golfer, for it is a game of honour.
I had an email from my sister, who lives north of Winnipeg, and as many of you know, there is a massive flood about to arrive in the area. The news is full of photos of Fargo, and the devestation there as the dikes have been breached. Sis told me of the "flood of the century" in 1997, and the difficulties the area had. This one is bigger than that, and she has been spending evenings at the local fire hall, assisting with the making of sand bags. This prompted me to find out more about what they are doing and I found a whole site that instructs how to build your own sand bag wall.... wow.
I can't imagine having to do this to save my house and property. I am in awe of folks who survive this ordeal and wish them all the best. The second photo is a floating machine that attempts to break up the bogged down ice, that leads to the dams that flood the Red...

at first I thought it was a land digger stuck in the ice, but no... who knew they had (or needed) such a vehicle? again, awe....

All the while I am getting excited about our lovely weather in our little neck of the woods, and plan to spend Saturday on the golf course, with my clubs inside these new Wood Hoods...

I have a new Four Wood, that I will use from the fairway (replace my tight lies club) and the blue fuzzies were a little tired after about 150 rounds of play!

Love you Manitoba!

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