Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Clean up Day...

Done the laundry, and cleaned the hardwood floors (so easy) and now sorting out a few more eBay do-dads... I have a bunch more yarn packs that end Tuesday, so take a look here. The new ones are crafty jewelry that I am finally purging, and hopefully they find good homes.
I am almost to the sleeve cap of the new sweater, but will need to block and sew and photo and type up the pattern, so look for all that by Tuesday evening, I think. I love Sundays, it is my only whole day off, and I can get lots of little things done, and still have some down time to knit and catch up on DVR stuff I missed through the week.
This morning we also got the grout issue solved... grout issue? Well who knew that grout came in so many different versions of white? There's antique white, snow white, alibaster white and then, canvas and butter and linen and many other shades of light beige. The issue for us is we must match a previous tile and grout that we did in the bathroom on the backsplash area above the sink. I couldn't remember, so it took both of us two tries and testing small areas, to find the right off-white. Now we are full steam ahead with the finishing tile touches and the bathroom will be done! (well, after a bit more caulking and a new towel rack is installed - then it will be done...)
I feel like a reality show, with the big reveal just around the corner. I just can't figure out how they do so much in 2 days or even a week, this has taken over 2 months. I guess it's because it's just 2 of us and not a whole team of professionals, and we are trying to work full time too. In the end, I love the results and am very patient to see it all done right.

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