Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inukshuk Next Project

I have been working on a new sweater, a simple stocking stitch in Silk and Alpaca, with a charted design on the front of my favourite thing.... the inukshuk. Since I am almost finished the first sleeve and am days away from finishing the whole thing, I will post teaser photos to keep you looking for the finished pattern! The most interesting part of this pattern (in my humble opinion), is the dying process to create the colours of the inukshuk.... this is my greenest sweater ever! I did some research on the net to find some ways for dying yarns at home with natural and easy to find ingredients... so the green yarn and the yellow yarn is created with different types of onion skins, and the caramel colour is tea. I will give dying details with the pattern instructions in a few days.

The inspiration for the inukshuk design is of course my beloved inukshuk handknit doll... pattern HERE.

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