Sunday, March 10, 2013

Americo and Vogs

My daughter and I took an impulse trip to Toronto today. It was a lovely sunny early spring day (turned out to be a high of 19c!), and we were in the mood for shoes....
We went to Queen Street, and wandered through some shops.  Of course, west of Spadina is the heart of the fabric and yarn district and I could not resist the Americo Shop.  The lovely ladies there were helpful, showing me the new yarns for the season, including Abrazos, a pima cotton and bamboo blend that is fine lace-weight and has over 1000 yards per 100gram skein.  I came out with two in a gorgeous green-gray.  I plan to design a simple sleeveless summer top, so order your yarn now (2 skeins for the summer top).  They will take orders by phone, email or on the website.  I will be posting the pattern in time to knit it for the warm weather!

 Then we wandered through some fabric shops, and ended up at the Fluvog Store.  This was my destination today, as there were some new shoes on the Fluvog website, that looked too fabulous to ignore.  I thought I would try them on, and if they felt anywhere as good as they looked, they were coming home with me! 
 So let me introduce you to John Fluvog's newest model, the Faraday.  For those of you who have not yet discovered the wonder that is Fluvog, beware.... once you go Fluvog, you will be spoiled for any other shoe.  John Fluvog is a Canadian shoe designer, who uses only the best materials and the most creative designs.  Just look at the website and see how artful shoes can be.
And they are incredible comfortable too.  Just a bonus.

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Campfire said...

I've not seen your blog for a while, or at least I only saw the bit I bookmarked. I love these shoes and they remind me of some I bought in the 1960s - oh yes, what a long time ago. They were by Vernon Humpage, very expensive, very like yours, sling backed, funny heeleld, leather like gloves. I actually wore them out. They also had a flap at the front and I LOVED them.