Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring has GOT to be just around the corner....

Ok, it is not quite spring yet.  But it is a day that is chilly, although sunny, and I have so many indoor things to do today.  I started with throwing on some spring clothes, and my new shoes!  Don't I look ready for spring?   In my beautiful new Fluvogs, I made four felted birdhouses!  They will be posted on Etsy, as soon as I finish this post.  Hopefully they will be snapped up and placed in spring gardens right away, ready for new feathered occupants.  You can see the whole spring theme I had today.

 Aspen is on board with the theme, sitting in for the photo on the stairs.
 Green, silk, and curly locks.
 Larger, natural colour, with silk and dangly curly locks.
 Black and grey and yarn and curly locks, this one is tiny.
 Plum and silk and black curly locks... more photos on Etsy.
And here is the green one, in the natural placement, just inside the edge of my evergreen.

After I finished the bird houses, I took out the water colour paints and worked on a house painting.  I have been commissioned to paint 5 small watercolours of the houses that are on the CFUW Annual House Tour this year.  the event is May 5th this year, and if you live in Niagara, please consider attending.  (you can email me for tickets or check the website).

Now, I am done all this work, and will finish sewing up my newest sweater.  It will be photographed and blogged shortly.  I am anxious to cast on my new Americo yarn!

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