Monday, March 18, 2013

Newest Pattern Update... Rosy Hoody

I have spent the last two days doing the math.... It takes a lot of time, going over the pattern, working out the numbers, checking them twice (and I apologize if I missed any numbers, I am sure one of you will help me out with an email if the numbers don't quite add up).  This pattern now has six sizes from 34" to 50".  That is the actual finished size if you knit to the exact gauge, so pick your amount of "ease" as you wish.  I like to have 2 - 3 inches of ease on most sweaters, so that they are not too huggy... that's me though.
You can jump HERE to the Rosy Hoody pattern, or find it in the long list to the right.
I would suggest you copy and paste, and print, so that you can circle your set of size numbers... or email and quote the pattern name, and I will send the text copy only in the return email. Unlike many of my older patterns, the yarn here has NOT been discontinued, and you can find it here.

 I have also just finished my latest sweater.  It is another version of the Million Hits Sweater.  This one is from two DK weight yarns that were left over from other projects.  I tested the gauge and it worked.  These are superwash wool, so feel completely different from the silky open knit of the original.

 Perfect for early season golf games.  I am hoping my golf course opens in a week or two, and that this one will be part of my golf wardrobe really soon.

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