Thursday, March 7, 2013

Travelling Felting Show

I packed up my small car and hit the road with my friend Susan.  We were invited to do a felting workshop in Mississauga, about an hour away.  The wonderful group worked together and stayed after hours to learn to felt.  Look at the lovely room we had.  Big tables for everyone.  I brought all the tools and supplies they would need to make a wet felt scarf.  But first we all sat down to a hot dinner together! 
 They had a lot of fun choosing the colour of the scarf, then the colours and textures of the accent designs.   Look at them hard at work.
 In less than three hours, we had a table FULL of one of a kind scarves.

 I am always amazed at the variety and the creativity of students.  Only ONE had EVER done felting before!

 Although they are cold and wet, my students proudly showed off their new scarves.
Awesome ladies!  And thankyou Susan for being a superb assistant!

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