Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The yarn is here!

The box arrived, with 24 balls of yarn and a long new Addi cable in 7 mm. I could not wait and cast on my swatch stitches... here it is almost done and ready for wetting and blocking and measuring!!

The lightning shawl is done! It was really quick in Noro Aya. I think five bands is enough for a good shoulder wrap. Great pattern, thanks Frankie Brown!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Merino Mohair V-Neck

If you have ever purchased hand dyed yarns, you will notice that they usually suggest using two skeins at a time and alternate skeins every two rows to create an even colour fabric. I picked up four skeins of Merino Angel when I was in Nova Scotia in June. The colours of the skeins were similar, but definitely different. This sweater uses two skeins at a time and decided to “colour block” them… Half of the front is one skein and the other half another, then when the blocks were approximately square, I switched the sides, and used the same skeins on the other half. I repeated once more before the piece was full length. The close up photo at the bottom shows the place where the colours change. It is subtle, but I like the effect and it is a much more even way of mixing odd colours.
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino Angel
Needles: 4mm (US 6)
Gauge:17 sts and 24 rows = 4 inches
Finished size: 40 inches (designed to be a bit loose and oversized for me)
Pattern (optional) if you have hand dyed yarns, place a marker at the center of row, and use one ball of yarn on one side, then another for the other side, twisting the yarns around each other as you cross from one side to the other (intarsia). When each block is approx. square, change the side that each ball is used. Repeat when square again. If your yarn is one colour don’t do this, it won’t show anyway. You could also use solid and completely different colours for more dramatic effect!
Back: Cast on 81 sts, work in knit one, purl one ribbing for 5 rows, then increase 11 sts across the next row in ribbing.
Change to stocking stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side) and work even until 19 inches from the start.
Armhole: Cast off 4 sts at the start of next two rows. Continue even from there until piece measures 29 inches from the start. Cast off all stitches.
Front: Work same as back until armhole.
Armhole: Cast off 4 stitches at start of next two rows. Next row (divide for Vneck): Work 39 sts, join second ball of yarn, cast off 6 sts, work remaining 39 sts with second ball of yarn.
Continue to work upper fronts, decreasing one stitch at each neck edge every 4th row 15 times (working both sides at the same time with separate yarn balls.) Finish to 29 inches with no further decreases, then cast off both shoulders.
Sleeves: Cast on 45 sts, work ribbing for 6 rows, then in stocking stitch, increase one st at each side, very 4th row until 86 sts are on the needles. Continue even until 19 inches long, then cast off all stitches.
Sew shoulder seams.
Neck finish: with small circular needles, pick up approx.. 100 stitches around the neck edge starting at the bottom of the v **** leave the 6 cast off stitches at the bottom of the V untouched... Work up the left side of the V, across the back of the neck and down the right side. Turn and work back up the right side in K1,P1 ribbing (do not join and work around the circle!) Work total of 6 rows of ribbing, then cast off loosely in ribbing. Sew the ends of the ribbing down to the 6 cst off sts.
Sew the sleeves into the armhole opening. Then sew the sleeve and side seams.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Cape - Inspiration

The inspiration for the newest knitting project... Red Riding Hood. Capes are big this year and I want to make a BIG dramatic cape with a generous hood to wear over business suits OR funky casual clothes. This will be for my sister, who wears dramatic clothing SO well.

The yarn is on the way. A perfect chunky (but lightweight) mohair from Elann in the WINE colour (order 24 balls if you want to knit this with me!). The idea is that it has substance but not weight, important because the length of this cape in a chunky merino, would tend to stretch under the weight and drag on the ground. I believe the mohair will float around the body without stretching out of shape!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Finished the First Shawlette

I found this pattern a couple of weeks ago... The Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes. I had a beautiful alpaca-cashmere lace weight from a couple of months ago, and thought it may be perfect.....

Well here it is. A perfect little shoulder wrap or just a nice neck wrap. Really light and pretty. I skipped the last repeat of the lace pattern, due to running out of yarn, but I think it still works because I got the picot edge in.

Tomorrow I order the huge lot of yarn for the huge new project !!! Can't wait!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Noro Yarn

I found a new Noro yarn, King, that is a fingering weight silk, mohair, wool and acrylic. It has a sturdy hand, and will likely block really well as a lacey mini-shawl (kerchief). I have cast it on from the center neck with three stitches and I am knitting it with four increases every right side row. I have just started a simple fan lace pattern mixed with stocking stitch. With only one ball, it will be a quick, small project. I have been working on the lightning shawl too, so you will see both done shortly.
The next big project is a mohair cape ( think Red Riding Hood, only in a wine colour!)... Yarn should be here in a week or so. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Shawl and Finished Sweater

I found this amazing pattern on Ravelry... It is a shawl that is knit in garter stitch in 15 stitch bands, and looks so cool knit in a self striping yarn. I thought it would be perfect for the Noro Aya yarn that arrived last week, so here is the start of the first band. Looks like lightning.

The pattern can be found here.... and shows the shawl in a really bright yarn. I can't wait to see the bands coming together and all the colours of this yarn... I will post more photos as I go along.

I have finished the Fleece Artist Mohair pullover and will try to post the easy pattern in a day or two. The summer is definately running away with my knitting and posting time. Lots of golf and visiting and extra working (covering vacation days for the office staff). I have been knitting, but small spurts and no time to write my posts. (sorry). Things should settle down in a couple of weeks, and I have a really interesting knitting project planned for September with a big, creative and unusual design commissioned by my favourite sister! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn in the Mail..

The first package is Noro Aya. 10 Balls of black, green, cream, and 5 ball of purple, red and green. This came from Elann in a great deal a week ago (quickly sold out!)

The second is 10 balls of chunky mohair in long stripes. There are 5 different colours, but they look great together! Also from Elann, these are limited edition Mode Mohair.

I have almost finished a lightweight v-neck pullover from the Fleece Artist yarn I found in Nova Scotia. I have about 6 more rows of the second sleeve, and I then have to decide how to finish the neckline.

Pattern and photos to follow shortly!