Thursday, December 18, 2014

Backpack Felting

Here is a quick photo ride through the making of a felted backpack....
First, start with the cords for straps, and spike details.
 Here is the backpack, showing lots of layers of felt and plastic.  The piece is made all at once (no sewing later) so the inside is made with plastic resists, and pockets and spikes are separated with more plastic so that they do not stick to parts that I don't want them to stick to!
 More loops are added for details to the outside.
 Finished backpack with button closures.  Main opening at top.
 and smaller front pouch can hold glasses or keys.
 see? Nice.  This should be available on my etsy site shortly.... Custom order in a colour you want!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Countdown

Of course, this time of year, my knitting is mostly secret.  I have one or two new patterns to post after Christmas, after the gifts are received.  Meanwhile, I can show you the newest baby hat, modeled by my sweetheart, who has mastered the smoldering glare so popular with the supermodels.  Lol.

And some photos of the craft show goods.  These are the new berets, and lots of dryer balls, along with the scarves and coats.  All are available at Pamela's in Jordan Village.  Perfect Christmas gifts!