Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sock Yarn Block Shawl (cowl)

Sock Shawl / Cowl
This pattern is NOT for beginners, but it is fun and addictive, and you only work on 25 stitches at a time, building the blocks together into a funky zig zag shawl or cowl.
There are many videos of Domino Knitting Squares, if you are unfamiliar with the technique.  You can find one HERE or HERE.

Yarn: Self striping sock yarn (Kroy – grey brown marl) 4 skeins
Needles: 4mm (US 6)  I use circular needle for this, but straight needles are fine too
Gauge:  approx 20 sts = 4 inches, AFTER BLOCKING.  Its not too important that you match this, as it is a wrap-shawl-cowl.  The one I made, after joining as a cowl is wrapped twice around my neck!
Finished length (after blocking) just under four feet. (and very stretchy)
***Follow the drawings of the blocks to make sure you are sticking to the plan.  I will use the alphabet assignments in the photos for reference in the pattern

Block A:      Cast on 49 sts. Row 1: Knit 25, place marker, Knit 24. Row 2: Knit 22, knit 2 together, slip marker, knit one, knit 2 together, knit 22. Row 3 (and all odd rows): Knit to stitch BEFORE marker, purl that stitch, slip marker and knit the rest.
Row 4 (and all even rows) knit to 2 sts BEFORE marker, knit 2 together, slip marker, knit one, knit 2 together, knit the rest. Repeat until only 3 sts remain and knit all three together. (only one stitch on your needle.

Block B:     With this stitch at upper right corner of square, pick up 25 stitches across the top of the just worked square (place marker just before last pick up). Cast on 24 more stitches. Now turn and work exactly like the first square starting with row 1.
When reduced to one stitch, begin the next square above the last. Continue to build squares C and D in the method of block B.  Bind off last stitch at the end of block D, and break yarn.

Block E:   Cast on 24 stitches, then pick up one stitch right at the corner of block A and B (see chart photo), then pick up 24 more evenly across the upper part of Block B.  Work the block as in A from row 1.
Block F:   Pick up 25 across the left side of block E, (make sure the 25th stitch is right in the corner of where B and C meet) and then pick up 24 more across the top of block C.  Work as usual.

Block G: like block F.

Block H: Pick up 25 on the left side of G, then CAST ON 24 more (this part is not attached to any other side).  Work the block as usual (see the photos in the chart to see where this block is placed).

Block I:    like E.
Block J and K:    Like F
Block L:   Like H
Block M:  Like E
Block N and O:   Like F
Block P:   Like H

Gently wash and block flat.
This is now a zig zag shoulder wrap or shawl.   Wear it like that…..   OR……

COWL VERSION:   carefully turn it into a TUBE, matching the bottom edge of A with the top edge of N (place pins on these squares before you make the tube so you can see how this lines up.  It’s a diagonal seam , sewing A tyo N, and B to O, and C to P.  Sew this seam with Kitchener stitch (and not too tightly).