Monday, January 18, 2016

Sewing Tip. Keep your Fluevogs young and beautiful!

I just received my newest booties.  They are Sugars from my favourite Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog.  If you have not spent time on his website, prepare to be captivated by beautiful, creative and stunning footwear!
As I did with my Luna boots, I made a boot support out of the cool boot bag that they sent along with the lovelies....  First a photo of the wonderful boots!

 Next the bag with pins where the "legs" will be.
 Sew the new seam.
 Then turn it (clip the curve first) and throw some light stuffing into the "legs". 

Now insert into boots, I even zipped them in for a sturdy fit, and you can see them standing proudly in my hallway, waiting to be let outside!  This preserves the leather from getting creases due to fold over or collapse in your closet.  Take good care of your Fluevogs, and they will compliment you forever.