Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Needle Emporium Tent Sale!

We went to the Needle Emporium's Annual Tent Sale yesterday.  It was pouring rain as we set out to Ancaster, a 40 minute drive, and most of us got soaked transferring to Fiona's car.  All worth it when you see the haul....
 yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!  One of the bags is for a friend, who yearly gives me some cash and allows me to freely shop for her!  I just run around grabbing all the merino and silk and alpaca that I can find, enough for a full sweater of each yarn.  Then I offer her any choice, because I love it all, so there are no rejects here!  There are Noro (four full bags), Louise Harding pure silk (red), Rowan Purelife cotton, Sandnes merino-cotton.  All the yarn pictured below is my part of the loot, $280 for all of it, probably over $1000 if purchased at full price.  Woooohoooo!
I will be busy knitting swatches and planning what will become of this new shiny stash.  Meanwhile I finished a cute simple mobius cowl, and will post that in a day or two.  I had a great, hot, weekend, golfing in a major tournament qualifier, and making the cut there.  I will compete for all the glory in two weeks, against a really tough field.  No major expectations for myself, but will try to put up a good show.
My felting project (the Apples) will be framed next week, and I will be there to help and document the process.  Can't wait to see it with all the other pieces.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I finished the green sweater and here it is modeled by Susan.  Love the colour and it is so soft.

 I unpacked a new treasure.  It is a Singer Featherweight and is only 14 inches long!  I did some surfing on the net, and according to the serial number on the bottom, it was made in the same year that I was born.  How cool is that!  I threaded it up, and took it for a spin.  The thing is FAST and smooth and almost purrs as it sews.  No wonder my favourite Aunt loved it and never traded up for a BIG machine. Everything is in perfect condition and I know that she put many miles on this baby.
What a treat to add it to my sewing room.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where have I been lately????

I am aware that it has been ages since my last post.  And to be fair, I had SO much on my plate, my blogging (and some of my crafting) had to be put on a shelf for a few weeks.  It looks as though things are almost back to normal now, and I have time to breathe (and post fun stuff again).  So here are some photos of what I am working on, and what was occupying my time for the last few weeks.
First you will see a well underway poncho.  It is a cool design by Cocoknits.  Veronika is the model, and I am using Rowan Yarns, Cashcotton DK.  It is knitting up very easily.  You need to know (or be keen to learn) short rows, but otherwise it is a snap on long circular needles.

 The next photo is a close up of the small beads I used to detail the apples for the big felt project.  The piece is now done except for the mounting on the backing muslin, and framing.
 The next photo is of a quilt I made a couple of years ago for my dear Aunt in Ottawa.  This was the reason I have been derailed for the last few weeks.  My sister and I went to Ottawa two weeks ago to clear out her apartment, as we lost her to cancer in June.  It was a physically and emotionally draining week, and the quilt is now pictured at my sister's home in Winnipeg.  Her sweet kitty has laid claim to it immediately.
 When I returned from the move, I had to work full time to cover for a vacationing staff member, and as I am so used to part time work, I found it quite a challenge to get through a forty hour week again.  At the end of the week, we launched right into the three day Club Championship at our golf club.  It was really hot and humid the first day, rainy and thunder and lightening and wind, the second day, and a lovely holiday Monday to finish.  The photo that follows, shows me and my Hubby and my Daughter, all champions (repeating from last year) of our flights.  It was really tough for Rick and I, but Robin sailed through the three days with a commanding lead.  We are so proud.
As things settle down, I can get back to more knitting and sewing and golf without rushing from work.  Life is good.