Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Big THANK YOU to All Free Knitting!

The wonderful website,  "All Free Knitting" has been an almost unlimited source of website free knitting patterns for many years.  It is the main reason readers find my knitting patterns, and have reached out to me with emails... questions, wonderful comments, and photos.... about my own free patterns.

Just this week alone, my stats show over a thousand hits on this pattern which originated from All Free Knitting, as a feature of the week.  What does this association mean to little websites like mine?

Well, I started this blog as a place to store and retrieve my own personal patterns.  But then I had a few knitters find me, and book mark me, and the conversations began.  I loved to hear from knitters everywhere, interested in the same types of projects that interest me.

Then one day.... BAM.  I had 600 hits in ONE DAY!  Guess what?  I was featured on AFK!

Now several years later... I get between 25,000 and 50,000 hits a month, and I will reach 4 million sometime in January.  All that from a little knitting diary out there in webland.  It is truly humbling, and I thank All Free Knitting, and the tireless work they do to organise and promote the site, and encourage the huge community of knitters to keep on knitting.

And just a couple of photos to inspire...  The Best Sock Pattern Ever....
 And a future one.... easy Thrummed Mittens.