Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chunky Coat - Lots of sizes!

The next updated pattern:  The Noro Chunky Silk Garden Coat.  You could knit this with any chunky yarn that knits to gauge, especially a self striping one.  It is loose and oversized, and now is written from 32" to 46".  This one is probably the most visited pattern on my blog, so now I hope there will be more knitters who actually knit this coat!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Palm Springs

I was away for ten days, and you can see by the photos that we had the most amazing trip. We flew into San Diego and played three rounds of golf there, then drove over the snow capped mountains on a crazy bendy road (74) into Palm Desert.  There we played another 7 rounds at the lovely Desert Springs resort.  Such amazing views of lush green fairways and snow capped mountains.

 There were a pair of ducks that enjoyed the warm pool.  They made a big splash as they landed into the water.
 On Valentines Day, we took a mini boat tour around the property (the boat glides right into the lobby to pick you up), and these two swans made the heart shaped thing just for us!  Cool.
 Flaminos and ducks and geese were everywhere.
 The gardens and palm trees were so beautiful, I soon forgot my poor winter golf game!  (I blame it on the really tough course)
I also did lots of knitting on the trip and will have a new lace wrap pattern to show in a few days.  Also due to popular demand, the Noro Chunky Silk Garden Coat will be the next re-write pattern in multi-sizes!

There are new felted scarves and hats on my etsy site, along with the steampunk necklaces I featured on the blog many months ago.  Please have a look.  Unfortunately the photos do not do them justice, they are WAY nicer in person.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another newly sized pattern

Here is the next pattern that has multi sizes.  It is a nice stretchy easy broken rib pattern, and will become your favourite sweater. Now sized from small to extra large, and with a bit of patience and the working of a swatch, you can ensure success with this pattern...
Give it a try HERE or hit the photo below to jump to the Million Hit Sweater.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here it is. The first reworked pattern!

This pattern has been the most requested.  I knit it in 2010, and at the time my blog was just a personal journey through knitting.  A place to store my projects and the yarns and patterns I used at the time. (I had not discovered Ravelry when I started my blog in 2008).  So of course, all the patterns were MY size or the size of the wonderful friend who would be a recipient of my knitted gift.
Over the last year, my blog has grown by leaps and bounds, and daily I email attached patterns.  I know that it is difficult to print from the blog now that it has become so bulky!  And I am happy to send any text patterns, so please, ask away!

I have spent the last two days, doing the math that will allow the Alpaca Silk Easy Cardi' to be knit for sizes from small to extra large!  I have reposted at the original site HERE.
or you can click right on the photos!  Again, I will email you a text only copy if you want to hold paper in your hand instead of using a marker to check off the rows on your iPad (LOL).
As a last word, and I hope you understand where I am coming from... I do not make money from the patterns, you get them for free, and I take the time to answer emails and attach any pattern... no charge to any of my wonderful knitting friends. But, I do make a penny or two from the tiny ads at the side and bottom of my blog.  The ads change all the time, and if you like the blog and appreciate the efforts, I would throw some love right back at you if you could click and check out the sponsors.  No need to purchase, just take a moment to look.  It helps to keep my yarn addiction alive, and keep me knitting, which keeps you looking.... win, win

p.s. more resizing to come... please leave a comment if you have a favourite that you want resized!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sparkle Shawl

I bought two balls of Classic Shades, Sequins lite at Knit n Purl in early January.  I loved the colour and was not sure what to make.  I thought a triangle shawl would best show off the colour stripes and the tiny sparkle of the sequins.  It is wonderful and perfect!  The camera only show a few glitters of the sequins, but they are evenly spaced for a lovely sparkly effect.  (The beret in the photo is now on my etsy shop site! Stop by for a visit!)
 I love to wear the shawls in a cowl draping.  No shoulder, granny style, wrapping for me.  So get out your shawls and show them off.  (I know you have some!)
 I am showing the shawl "upside down" as that is the direction it is knit.  From the center top, growing in size and stitches on your needle until the last LONG row!  Please read the whole pattern and the extra notes.  This one is easy but the tips will help.


Gauge: 12 sts = 4 inches on 4.5mm  (gauge is less important on shawls... one size fits all) any worsted weight yarn that is soft (not too stiff) would work here.  Noro yarns, yes!
Size: approx 5.5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide.
Needles, 4.5mm (US 7), Long circular to hold lots of stitches
Yarn: Universal, Classic Shades, Sequins Lite, 2 -  50gam balls.
Stitch markers

Cast on 5 stitches. Row 1:  Knit 2, place marker(center stitch is next stitch), Knit 2, place marker, Knit 1.
Row 2: Knit across, slipping markers.

Right side (odd number) row: Knit 1, yarn over, Knit to marker, yarn over, slip center stitch marker, knit center stitch, yarn over, knit to last marker, yarn over, slip marker, knit 1.
Even number rows (wrong side): Knit all stitches, including the yarn overs from the row below. (garter stitch)

These two row create the garter stitch bands. You will repeat these two rows, gradually increasing the number of stitches for the shawl.
After 30 rows, you can (optional) change to stripes of stocking stitch and garter stitch.  To do this, you will change to stocking stitch (knit the right side rows, including the yarn over increases, and purl the even / wrong side rows ) for 12 rows, then alternate 12 rows of garter stitch .
You could also just do garter stitch for the whole piece.  Your choice.
You will be increasing 4 stitches every right side row, and the shawl will grow into a large triangle.  Near the end of the second ball, when have about 8 yards of yarn left, LOOSELY cast off all stitches.

Extra Notes:
I found after a few rows I would only need the center marker to remind me when to do the center yarn overs.  The end ones are easy to see.  You could also put a pin on the right side to remind you which side you are on.  It is easy to get mixed up in garter stitch.