Friday, September 28, 2012

Million Hits Sweater

Million Hit Sweater.   Now with four sizes, because you asked....

Thanks to all my wonderful blog-fans, I have surpassed the million hit mark.  I am overwhelmed to be here, and never thought the blog would be more than just a place to store my patterns and photos, a scrapbook of my knitting passion.
This ribbed raglan sweater is really stretchy, and easy fitting.

Sizes:  Small (36” at bust), medium (40”), large (44), xlarge (48). These are the finished measurements if you have a true gauge, and measure the sweater without stretching.
Yarn:   Sport weight yarn that works to gauge*****  I used Codex by Nova, silver, 50gms are 126yards, 9[10, 12, 14] balls should do.
Needles:  4mm (US 6) straight , small circular 3.5mm (US 5) for neck ribbing.*** option for straight needles at neck – see pattern.
Gauge:  19 sts = 4 inches in RIB PATTERN, on 4mm needles.  Best to measure your swatch after blocking and adjust your needles or yarn to match this gauge.
RIB PATTERN:  row one (even number of stitches): knit one, purl one across.  Row two: purl all stitches.
BACK:  With 4mm needles, cast on 78[88,98,106] stitches.  Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 1.5 inches.  Increase 6 stitches over the last row of ribbing.  84[94,104,112] now on the needles.
Change to RIB PATTERN and work even for 14[15, 16, 17] inches from the start.
Start raglan shaping.  Row one:  (right side) knit two, knit two together, continue the rib pattern until 4 stitches remain, knit two together, knit two.
Row two: Purl all across.
Repeat these two rows until 42[46,50,54] sts remain.  Cast off all stitches.  (I like to cast off here, rather than put on holders, so that the neckline is more stable and NOT so stretchy.)
FRONT:  Work same as back until 52[56,60,64] remain in the raglan decrease stage.  Cast off center 30[34,38,42]sts, and working both sides at the same time: continue to do raglan decreases at the sides, AND knit two together at the neck edges, every right side row.  Purl the wrong sides.  You should end up with only one stitch on each side. Break yarn and thread through loop to secure.
Cast on 38[44,48,52] stitches.  Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for 2 inches.  Increase 4 stitches over the last row of ribbing.
Change to RIB PATTERN, work up sleeve.  Increase one stitch at each side, every six rows until you have 72[78,88,92] stitches.  Continue even until sleeve is 15[15,15.5,16] inches from start.
Work raglan shaping: work the same as back shaping.  Work until 30[30,34,34] stitches remain.  Next row:  decrease row: Knit 2,[ knit 2 together, knit2]repeating bracket  across all stitches.  Cast off remaining 23[23,26,26] stitches.
Stitch the raglan seams, attaching sleeves to front and back.*if using straight needles for the neckline, leave one of the back – sleeve seams unsewn, and work back and forth instead of around.
With small circular needles, pick up 100[108,112,116]stitches evenly around the neckline opening.  This is not every stitch, as youneed a tiny bit of gathering to keep the neck from stretching too wide.  Work in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing, for 1.5 inches.  Cast off loosely.
Sew last raglan seam if left open for neck.
Sew side seams and sleeve seams.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Next Pattern

So here is a peek at the next pattern.  I have finished it, but it may take a day or two to find the time to write the pattern.  It is a rib knit raglan in a silver grey yarn.  The yarn is from my inherited stash.  From my wonderful Aunt, who I miss.... Knitting her stash makes me feel close to her still, as will wearing this easy fit sweater.  I did not know what she had in mind for this yarn.  We often talked about her purchases, and what she would knit.  She was different from me.  She only bought yarn when she had a plan for it.  Her stash only had two full sweaters worth of yarn, and a bag full of left over balls. 

Below is a quick project, and a deviation from my normal routine.  It is CROCHETED!  I know, this is Chris KNITS in Niagara, but once in a while I want to test the old hooker in me. (ok to laugh, that WAS a purposeful pun)...  It is the pattern on page 21 of Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter magazine.  I used three balls of Noro Vintage colour 9, which is a bit thicker than the Shiraito in the pattern.  I used 4.5mm crochet hook. 
Here is the rib raglan lying on my deck in the early morning light....
We spent a few days in lovely Lewiston, N.Y.  We stayed at the historic Barton Hill Hotel, where they have a mix of old and new to make you feel like you have stepped back in time (but in a clean and modern way!)  Antique furnishings (but king size), huge rooms with high ceilings and barn board floors, modern bathroom fixtures.  Our room had 5 huge windows, and fireplace and antique light fixtures, (and flat screen TV).

We walked around the town, and had wonderful meals. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Final Photos of the Art Project

I took my felted art to have it framed today.  It is mounted to a wood board, and then will be screwed into a  neutral frame, visible under the piece in the second photo.

 Lying on the frame (not attached yet)
 Me, holding the work up to be photographed.
 Here is one of the two sets of Escarpment Series.  Each set is divided into three panels and when bumped together they make one large picture of a scene from the Niagara Escarpment.
 This one is from my series, Bountiful Niagara, and shows beaded grapes hanging from a bleached wood post.  The grapes are all beads, the background fabric and felted leaves and wires.  Really cool.
Can't wait to see the rest and to see them ALL together.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oatmeal Mobius Cowl

Oatmeal Mobius Cowl

This one is really easy and quick.  Only knit stitch, it is perfect for beginners or for that knitter who needs an easy project for those distracted times in our lives!  Very little thinking involved with this one!

Yarn:  Stylecraft Sirocco DK (cotton and linen blend) in oatmeal**** or any DK weight yarn preferably with some nubby texture*** I plan to knit another of these with Noro Silk Garden too, which will look quite different than my cotton one!  4 - 5 balls (200-250grams)

Needles: 4.0mm
Gauge: Approx 20 sts to 4 inches in garter stitch (knit every row)
Size: 14 inches wide and 32 inches long (before joining in a tube)

Cast on 70 stitches.  Knit every row (garter stitch) for 32 inches.  That's it!

 Lie flat on the floor.   Twist center once.
 Join the outside edges, sewing into a tube, keeping the twist in the middle.
 Wear loosely around the neck with the seam at back of neck and the twist at the front.