Friday, October 31, 2014

Cowl Scarf with Sleeves

I love large cowls, and love shrugs.  I wondered if I could make a set of sleeves that could extend into a long scarf that when wrapped around the neck, created a beautiful cowl.  So here it is.
 Cowl Scarf with Sleeves.(two versions, one with no sewing and double points, and one flat with sewing)

Yarn :  500 grams (600meters) of worsted weight yarn.  I used Diamond Luxury Collection - Llama Silk, but most yarns that are recommended on 5.5 mm needles should be good.

Gauge: 12 sts = 4 inches on 6mm needles *** after wet blocking*** please knit a swatch!!

Needles: 6mm double point needles (for flat knitting directions, skip to bottom of this blog entry)... and 6mm circular (for the flat knitting part.)

With double point needles, cast on 30 stitches.  Work in stocking stitch after carefully joining, for 4 inches.  Then increase every 6 rows at 2 points around the sleeve (you can use markers to track these spots) until you have 48 stitches on all the needles.  Work even on 48 stitches in the round for two more inches.
 Now change to circular needles and create a flat piece of fabric by knitting back and forth on all 48 stitches (stop knitting around ).  Continue in stocking stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side) until 85 inches from start of sleeve.
With right side facing, knit back onto double point needles, and work 2 inches in the round.  Place markers at 2 spots and decrease one stitch at each marker there and  every 6 rows until you have 30 stitches again.  Work 4 inches without decreasing and cast off all stitches loosely.
 How to wear.  Like a scarf, wrap around neck to for a loose cowl.  Pick up each end and slide on arms like sleeves.  Adjust any way you want!

 FLAT KNITTING for those who hate double points:

Same yarn and 6mm straight or circular needles.
Cast on 30 sts.
Work 4 inches in stocking stitch.
Increase one stitch at each end of needle here and every sixth row until 48 stitches.
Work even on 48 sts for 87 inches.
Decrease at each end of needle here, and every sixth row until 30 sts.
Work 4 more inches, then cast off loosely.
Sew 12 inches of sleeve at each end of long scarf.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cotton Sofa Throw

Cotton Sofa Throw

Yarn: 10 balls of Elann Lara (100% cotton DK weight) 50gram ball = 126 m/138yds
Needles:  4mm (US6) circular (not to knit in round, but to hold all the stitches)
Several stitch markers. (13)
Gauge: not terribly important, but approximately 16 sts to 4 inches in wave pattern, or 18 sts to 4 inches in stocking stitch (after blocking!)
Size: 42 inches by 52 inches - *** after wash blocking*** .  This blanket grows and drapes even better after a full machine wash and block to dry (I draped it over a lawn chair and the breeze dried it perfectly).

PM = place marker

Cast on: cast on 1, PM , [cast on 17, PM] repeat 12 times, cast on 1  (206 sts)  You will always have 17 sts between the markers.

ROW 1:   k1,  [ k2tog,  k6, YO, k1, YO, k6, k2tog] repeat 12 times, k1  (slip markers as you go, you may remove them once you get the rhythm of the pattern if you like)
ROW 2:  Purl all.
ROW 3:  Knit all.

Repeat rows 1 , 2, and 3 until you have only about five yards of your last ball of yarn, then cast off loosely knitwise.  Wash and air dry.

To make longer, use more yarn. To make wider or narrower , use less repeats of pattern and adjust 17 for each 4 - 5 inches smaller or larger.