Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Bunting Coat

Baby Bunting Coat
31 years ago I made one of these for my first baby.  He wore it in the stroller, car seat, and out to visit family.  I used it as outerwear, over his cute sleepers and clothes.  It was stretchy enough to it all the car seat straps around.  Now I re-create it with fabulous Noro yarn,  Crazy soft, and funky colours!

Size,   3 – 9 months.  24 inches around the chest.  Should be worn loose over regular baby clothes.  Outerwear.
Yarn:  3 balls of NoroSilk Garden.  (or any Worsted weight that knits to gauge)
Needles, 4.5mm (US7).
Stitch holders, and markers.  Buttons.
Gauge:   16 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches.  CHECK GAUGE please.

The body is worked in ONE piece until under arm, then separated into tow fronts, and one back.   This keeps the stripes matching until the top bodice.

Body: Cast on 101.  Row 1: knit all stitches    Row 2: knit 6, place marker, purl 89, place marker, knit 6.
Row 3: knit all sts, slipping markers.
Row 4: knit 6, slip marker, purl to next marker, slip marker, knit 6.
Repeat row 3 and 4. **** Buttonholes:  on row 11 (right side facing) knit 1, knit 2 together, Yarn over, knit 2 together, knit 1, continue to work rest of row. Row 12, work to last marker, knit 2,  Knit in the front AND back of yarn over below, knit 2 ( you just created two sts in the top of the button hole).*****
Work the row 3, 4 repeat, placing a button hole AT THE RIGHT FRONT EDGE on every 11th row, about ever 2”, as described above,  until piece measures 20.5 inches. 
Right side row:   Separate fronts and back :  Knit 25, cast off 3, knit 44, cast off 3, knit 25.  Place both sets of front stitches (25s) on stitch holders.  Working the back (attach new yarn, and start on the wrong side) work in stocking stitch for 4.5 inches,  then cast off stitches.

For right front: pick up the right front stitches, attach yarn starting on the wrong side: work for 2.5 inches, keeping the garter stitch band on the 6 front edge sts (inside the marker)AND KEEPING UP THE BUTTON HOLE PLACEMENT.  With right side facing, cast off 6 sts once (remove marker), then 1 st and the neck side, 3 times.  When front is 4.5 inches, cast off all sts.

Left front, pick up the sts, working from the wrong side, work 2.5 inches.  With wrong side facing, cast off 6 sts once, then 1 at neck side, 3 times.  At 4.5 inches, cast off all sts.
BEFORE you sew the shoulder seam, add the sleeves!  With right side facing you, Pick up 16 sts DOWN from the shoulder to the armhole, then 16 up the other side.  Work in stocking stitch, decreasing one st each side on row 4, and every 4th row, until 26 sts.  Then garter stitch (knit every row ) for one inch.  Cast off all stitches.  Work other sleeve.
Fold sleeves in half, you should have a TOP of sleeve seam and shoulder seam to sew closed.

HOOD:  With right side facing, pick up 15 from right front, 8 across the back,(center of back) place marker, 8 more from the back, 15 from left front.  Work hood with 6 garter stitch front edge (use markers if needed), and stocking stitch in between. 
Continue in this pattern, increasing one stitch on each side of the center back marker every 4 rows, 7 times (50 sts.)  Work even until hood measures 8 inches.  Cast off.  Fold in half, and sew top of head seam.  Sew bottom edge of bunting.
Sew on buttons

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Italian Villa

For the last few months, I have been working on a painting. It is an acrylic on canvas, based on a lovely photo of a friends family home in Italy.  The photo has been the desktop photo on my computer, and I have zoomed in to each section to get the details into the canvas.  I presented it to my friend today and she was pleased.  It is being framed now.
It is a large piece, 4 feet by 2 feet.  Perfect for over the sofa.

 The bricks on the old farm house were so cool to paint.  The black holes were left over after the scaffolding(wood posts) that was built into the wall as it was constructed, were removed.
 The property sloped down the side of the hill...  Small villages are seen in the background, surrounding the local churches.
 Chickens in the yard...
 Sheep in the lower yard...
And the original photo.  Beautiful.
I will miss her.... ciao bella