Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renewed Wood Hoods

My knitting time was seriously displaced for the last week. It was a long holiday weekend (Victoria Day for my non-Canadian friends) and we had many plans... Saturday was a morning of work, afternoon of golf, then evening in Waterloo packing up the contents of the student house to ready the move. Furniture was dis-assembled, books and kitchen stuff boxed, garbage collected and bagged. We cleared for hours then went for a LAST beer at the neighbourhood pub.

Sunday morning, we picked up a Uhaul truck, and loaded our last remaining tennant and moved him across town to a new rental, then back at the house loaded the stuff that was moving back home with us, to be used at the newly graduated, newly-weds' new house!
It took all day but we were home, unpacking the loot into our garage to store for a few days, and returning the big truck (uhaul is a great service, easy to book online and easy to deal with in person.... they allowed a one way rental from Waterloo to St. Catharines, all for about $150.)
Sunday night I was exhausted and crashed early (no knitting) and got up at 6am for an early game of golf "over the river". This is our annual Victoria Day excursion, with golf at Glen Oaks, wings at Elmos for lunch, and a bit of shopping at the outlet, before returning for dinner at home.

A lovely busy long weekend.

Tuesday we ran up to Waterloo again and closed the house... swept, clean, keys handed over,... done. I did some knitting on the drive and finished repairing my favourite golf club covers with new royal blue socks... the old socks were worn out and had a couple holes in them. The top fuzzy part is indistructable, thick felted fabric. I trimmed off the old bottom ribbing and loosely stitched the new one on. The pattern is the Wood Hoods, one of my oldest patterns and the one that has been knit the most by my readers.
I also have plugged away at the chunky woolease blanket, and have about one third done....

feels nice.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lace Top and Mini Shawl

Finally the finished photos of the cotton-linen lace top, and the mini shawl.
The lace top was a quick knit on 3.5mm needles. I have worn it over a white blouse, and like this, over a tank top. I finished it just before the Jamaica trip and took it with me.

The mini-shawl is the project I took on the trip, and did some knitting at the airport and only a bit on the resort. I finished it a few days ago and blocked it. It is a hand dyed lace weight from my stash.
I only have some socks on the needles right now. A very rare occurance of projects completed before more are started! I did break my yarn buying diet, and picked up 10 balls of chunky Wool-Ease thick and quick. I could not resist, as Michael's had them in the clearance bin for $2 each (100 gram balls!). So for $20 I will be making a thick and cosy afghan on 9mm needles next. Easy, mindless, comfort knitting!
The distractions continue, with the sale of our student house falling through weeks before it was set to close, and we had to launch a new listing, and prepare to go through the process again. At the same time, we are hosting the newlyweds for a couple of weeks until their new house is ready to move into. We have an offer today that should go through, so we will know the details shortly. I am also compiling photos from the trip, and will make a souvenier book for the Jamaica guests, published by

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Missed You

Have not had a posting for a week, due to a lovely distraction... a week in Jamaica including a wedding! My baby girl was married on the beach in front of 42 friends and family. We had a great week together and the ceremony and the day was perfect. I cannot say enough about how great the staff at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach were. All details were handled smoothly and easily. Even the "impulse shopping" for the steel band was handled with ease (and some US cash!). Lots of photos on my other blog, please pop through for a look and check out the bride's dress, and the bridesmaid gowns (all designed and made by yours truly!)...

As for knitting, you will forgive the lack of photos, but I did finish the lacy linen top and took it on the trip, and am almost finished some socks, with a sweet lace wrap of my own design nicely started and knit (only a bit) in Jamaica.

Back on track this week.