Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lace Top and Mini Shawl

Finally the finished photos of the cotton-linen lace top, and the mini shawl.
The lace top was a quick knit on 3.5mm needles. I have worn it over a white blouse, and like this, over a tank top. I finished it just before the Jamaica trip and took it with me.

The mini-shawl is the project I took on the trip, and did some knitting at the airport and only a bit on the resort. I finished it a few days ago and blocked it. It is a hand dyed lace weight from my stash.
I only have some socks on the needles right now. A very rare occurance of projects completed before more are started! I did break my yarn buying diet, and picked up 10 balls of chunky Wool-Ease thick and quick. I could not resist, as Michael's had them in the clearance bin for $2 each (100 gram balls!). So for $20 I will be making a thick and cosy afghan on 9mm needles next. Easy, mindless, comfort knitting!
The distractions continue, with the sale of our student house falling through weeks before it was set to close, and we had to launch a new listing, and prepare to go through the process again. At the same time, we are hosting the newlyweds for a couple of weeks until their new house is ready to move into. We have an offer today that should go through, so we will know the details shortly. I am also compiling photos from the trip, and will make a souvenier book for the Jamaica guests, published by


Unknown said...

The Lace Top is beautiful, and being in cotton I image quite cool for the summer. Can't wait to see the pattern.

Clea Stagnitti said...

Yup, I got some of that Lion Brand Thick 'n Quick too at $1.50 at my Micheals. I'm thinking of knitting the Wrenna: Leather Laced Cardigan by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. Then I'll have some left for a hat or something fun.
Thanks for the great blog.