Sunday, July 15, 2012

Apples and Wine

One more photo of the apples, inside.  The colours are a bit truer in this light.

 We had a great day today.  My sister booked a British Cab, and driver, to take 5 of us on a wine tour of Niagara on the Lake.  Here is our cab, and Dennie, our driver.... The company is Niagara Classic Cars, and they have many cool vehicles for hire for any type of event.  Many of their cars have been used in movie shoots around Ontario.  The double decker bus was out on a shoot this week!  I would recommend this company to add value to your Niagara vacation!!!
 Here is the Angel Inn, where we had a British Pub lunch.  Mmmm.
 This is Frog Pond Farm, an organic winery, and my sister with her camera.
 The cab again.... so cute.
 My daughter and I overlooking the vineyard, and Lake Ontario in the distance.
 Konzleman Estates Winery.
 The Guinea Hens that eat the bugs that would eat the grapes at the organic winery!
And of course , along the way there were MANY wine tastings and more than a few bottles popped into the London Cabs "boot".   What a lovely day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Full Panel.... ready to mount!

Almost finished.  The first photo shows the photograph on the left and the felt work on the right.  The apples are a bit more green than the photo shows, the felt looks a bit grey in the evening light.

 Close up of leaves and stems.

 The last one shows large beads near the base of the apple, and smaller beads in the rusty lines of the apple.  Unfortunately the full three dimension effect does not show in the photos.  The bottom of the apple, with the dark beads and details is also indented into a bit of padding to add to the apple shape.
You need to come see it in person when it gets to a permanent home in the fall!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Union Jack Sweater

 I wanted to knit another Union Jack sweater, but this time like it was from a black and white photograph.  I found some perfect colours in a cotton, microfiber blend from Elann (my go-to source for great yarns at great prices!)

****For the USA Flag, go HERE, and change the 9 edge stitches on the front to 18 on each side... use the charcoal for red, off white for white and black for navy....
**** for other flags, including proud Canadians! go to this graph paper generator, and print out a page that has 90 stitches (put in the gauge and go 5 times, to get 100 stitches on the page, like the Union Jack one).  Draw your flag and use it like the pattern states below.  The reason this graph paper is better than square graph paper, is that you will get the flag without distortion, as gauge is more rows than stitches wide.

  This pattern IS NOT for beginner knitters.  Experience in charts and Intasia Knitting is needed.  If you skip the chart and knit all in one colour, it is easy.

Union Jack Sweater.
Size:  Mine is loose fitting medium, measuring 42 inches around the chest.  The sleeves are dropped and relaxed.  Add a few stitches or decrease up to 9 each side to make larger or smaller! 
Yarn: DK weight yarn, 10 balls (50 grams approx. 100m) of charcoal gray, 2 balls of off white, and 2 balls of black.  (I used Louisa Harding Albero)
Needles: 4.5 mm or any to make the gauge work!
Gauge: 20 sts and 26 rows = 4 inches. (in stocking stitch)
**** you will also need to find and print a FLAG CHART ****    I found the Union Jack chart HERE.  It is 90 stitches wide.
Back: With charcoal colour, Cast on 97 sts.  Work in knit one purl one ribbing for 2.5 inches.  Last row (wrong side) increase 9 stitches evenly across .
Change to stocking stitch, and work evenly until total length from cast on is 27 inches (or length preferred to shoulder) Cast off all stitches.
Front: Cast on 97 and work SAME AS BACK until you are about  10 inches  from cast on edge.  With right side facing you, knit 9, start Union Jack Chart row 1, knit 9.  Work the chart intasia style, keeping 9 stitches in charcoal at both sides, and using the charcoal for the red, off white for the white, and black for the navy blue sections of the flag.
Continue with the flag until the front is 4 inches below the total length of the back.  At this time, make the neck shaping, by casting off the CENTER 20 stitches.  Keep the flag chart going, and attach new yarn where needed, work both sides and decrease one stitch at each neck edge every RIGHT side row, 8 times.  Work even at the neck edge until the total length is same as the back.  ALSO WHEN you run out of flag chart, work the remaining front all in charcoal.  Cast off all shoulder stitches.
Sleeves: Cast on 43 stitches, work in ribbing for 2.5 inches.  Increase 5 sts on the last rib row, and work in stocking stitch, in charcoal for the rest of sleeve.  Increase one each side every SIXTH row until 74 stitches, then keep even until sleeve is 17.5 inches, or desired length of sleeve.  Cast off all stitches, and make another sleeve.
Sew one shoulder, and pick up 80 stitches around neck edge.  Work in knit one purl one ribbing for 1 inch, then cast off loosely. Sew other shoulder, sew sleeves, centered from the shoulder seams.  Sew side seams and sleeve seams.
Wear proudly!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Apples are in the Tree!

Moving on with the art project...  I made some stems.  They are knit from wool.  Here I show them attaching the leaf clusters to the main branch.  You can see how much definition the front leaves now have against the background stem and leaves.  I think this will add depth to the picture.
You can also see some beads sewn into the main branch to add texture and detail.
Here is the layout of the apples, first with paper patterns, so that I could get the size and spacing that I liked.
Then the apples themselves, with everything still lying loosely on the background.  I could still play with the balance of the design, and try to get it as close to the photo as I want.  Then I stitched everything down in their place.
Here is one close up of the start of beading on the apples.  The beading will add a bit of shimmer and texture to the otherwise very matt surface that felting is.