Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sweet Little Felted Purse

One ball of yarn, a beginner pattern, and a few hours....  This is a cute little bag anyone can knit!
 Finished size:  approximately 5" wide and 7" long.  It could be a bit bigger if you do not felt it quite as much as I did.

Yarn: Ashford 8 Ply, 100 gram ball, 100% corridale wool, DK weight.  Purchase online HERE.
Needles:  6mm (US 10)
Gauge: approximately 14 sts = 4 inches .  Not too important, your bag will be a bit bigger or smaller if the gauge is off a bit.  Most important is the yarn MUST be PURE WOOL, not superwash.  You need it to shrink in hot water!

Patttern:  Cast on 45 stitches.  Knit every row (garter stitch) until 15 inches long.
               Last row: cast off all except last stitch.  Turn and cast on 15 stitches.  Turn and cast off all 16 remaining stitches (this creates the button hole loop)

Stitch the button hole into a loop at the upper corner, then stitch closed the side and bottom edge of the bag.  NOTE: the ridges are vertical on this bag...

 Strap:  wind off 6 strands, 48 inches long.  Tie a knot at one end, then holding in pairs, braid the length and tie a knot on the other end.  Sew one end to the top opposite the button hole, and the other end 5 inches below the button hole loop, on the side seam.  See photos.
 This is how the purse will fold after felting.

Felting:  Throw the purse into the washing machine with some old towels or jeans, and put them through one HOT cycle with laundry soap.  Check it.  With the yarn above you should be shrunk enough, but some other yarns may need one more cycle to get there.    While still damp, stretch into shape, pulling the straps smooth, and folding the flap down.  Sew a button under where the loop lies, and button closed.  Air dry.