Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Helix Sox

This is a variation of my favourite sock pattern, but the simple ribbing pattern creates a Helix spiral around the foot.  The pattern hugs the leg and foot top really well, so it will fit everyone.  BTW: that shoe is one of my new Fluevogs!! LOVE THEM!
Yarn: any sock yarn, patterned or plain.
Needles, 2.5mm double points (I like bamboo)
Helix Ribbing Pattern (multiple of 6 sts):  K3, P3 repeat around sock for four rows, [then shift one stitch to the left, and repeat four rows again] repeat this shift to make the pattern*** photo of pattern in a drawing, below***
Cast on 66 stitches and join in the round. Start the 3 by 3 Helix Ribbing Pattern, and work this in the round until total length is about 7 inches.
Heel: Put half the stitches (33 ) on one needle by knitting next 16 sts, and transfer previous 17 onto the front of this needle. Rearrange the other 33 sts onto two needles with 17 on one and 16 on the other. These 2 needles will be ignored for a while.
Working on the 33 st needles, Purl (wrong side) across. Right side: [Slip one, K 1] repeat across row. Work these two rows until repeated 15 times. (the heel should be almost square and be about 2.5 inches).
With right side facing you will now do the magic that is a heel turn! K18, K2tog, K1, turn to wrong side facing. Slip one, P5, P2tog, P1, turn. Slip one, Knit to the stitch before the gap (the space between the slipped stitch and the old heel stitches). Knit 2 tog (thus closing the gap and picking up the last slipped stitch and the next old heel stitch), K1, turn. Slip one, Purl to st before gap and P2tog over gap, P1, turn. Repeat these two rows, until all the old heel stitches are involved and worked.
Right side again: Knit across heel, pick up 15 sts up the side of the heel (put these on needle 1).
Work next 33 sts on needle 2, AND continue to work Needle 2 in the Helix Ribbing, as established. Pick up 15 sts on the other side of the heel and knit half of the bottom of the heel sts. (needle 3). Check and make Needle 1 and Needle 3 have the same number of sts on each, adjust if needed.
Round ONE: Knit down Needle 1 to 3 sts before end, K2tog, K1, Needle 2: work in K3, P1 pattern as established, Needle 3: K1, K2tog, knit to end of needle. Round TWO: Knit needle 1, Pattern needle 2, Knit needle 3. Repeat these two rounds, until back to 66 sts (17, 33, 16). Then continue in stocking stitch for the under foot and helix ribbing stitch for the top of foot, until about 6 inches from the picked up stitches of the heel (or until sock is about 1.5 inches short of your foot length). Toe: round 1: Needle 1: Knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1. Needle 2 K1, K2tog, K across to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1. Needle 3: K1, K2tog, K across to end. Round 2, Knit all sts without decrease. Continue to knit these 2 rounds until 16 sts are left. Graft two rows of eight sts.
Do it all again for sock two.
pattern in sketch form....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 First stage of the big felt project.  Make Pre-felt pieces.  These are layered merino rovings, blended in three thin layers and wet with soap to slightly bond together.  You want these pieces to hold together, but not felt hard or shrink.  The idea is that this fabric can then be cut (into leaf shapes) and laid onto the sky blue background rovings, and then the whole piece will be rubbed and worked, and then shrunk together, so that the leaves remain clearly defined in the background colour.  Above you see the merino roving (in the bag) and the edge of the layers on the blue bubble wrap.
 Here I am laying on the last layer of the light green piece.
 This one is the medium green, with dark green bits that will be used to shade the leaves.  It will be more apparent when I cut them.
Above is the light green piece, drying.

Not terribly exciting in themselves, but the large piece will involve many layers of leaves and stems and apples to reach the end result.... More to come!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Burning the knitting needles at both ends....

It has been a crazy week, and I have hardly had time to breathe, never mind knit!  I did finish a quick knit in cotton.  It was from spring summer 2012 Knit Simple, pattern number 17.  I adjusted it (as I usually do) and changed the pattern to basic stocking stitch , skipping the twisted knit stitch and also skipping the neckline shaping.
 As you can see in the photo below, the right side piece is knit sideways with the lower "ribbing" produced by garter stitch.  The left piece is the same as the right AFTER the dropped stitches have been pulled to ladder from one side to the other.  You can see how the length grows!  It is nice and full of easy drape, and looks nice with a matching tank top underneath.
In the last 7 days I also: made two more bridesmaid dresses, made another summer dress, put five zippers in five dresses and finished all the hems.  Five dresses done.  I also hemmed a three layered wedding dress (purchased) and hemmed pants and a jacket sleeve length for a men's suit.  I ALSO worked 40 hours at my "part time job" - covering for a vacationing co-worker.  I even played 3 rounds of golf, including 7am this morning before going to work for the 1 - 8pm shift.
So goodnight crafty readers, I will sleep well tonight  :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blue Ribbon Cowl Neck

Blue Ribbon Cowl Neck

Yarn:  SRK Sari , 50gms = 95 meters,  12 balls  (or a chunky ribbon that knits to gauge)
Gauge: 14 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches on 7mm needles.
Needles: 7mm for body, and 7 and 10 mm short (16 inches)circulars for the cowl neck.
Size: Medium, fits bust 36 – 42.  This yarn is VERY stretchy and is designed to stretch to fit.
Back: Cast on 55 sts.  Work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 4 inches.  Increase 7 sts in the last row and change to stocking stitch.  Work until length is 14 inches from start.  Cast off 4 at the start of next two rows for armholes.  Work even until total length is 23 inches.  Cast off all sts.

Front: Work the same until the cast off for armhole is done.  Work until 3 inches below back length.   With right side facing, Knit 23, cast off center 8, knit last 23.  Working both sides at once (attach another ball of yarn to the first side) Work in stocking stitch, decreasing one each NECK edge on the right side only five times (18 sts on each side left.)  Work even until same length as back and cast off remaining sts.
Sleeves:  Cast on 30 sts, work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 3 inches.  Increase 2 sts on last row, and change to stocking stitch.  Increase 1 stitch each side every 6th row until 52 stitches.  Work even until the sleeve is 16 inches long.  Cast off all stitches, and make another sleeve.
Sew shoulders, and with short 7mm circulars , pick up 70 stitches evenly around the neck opening.  Work in knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for 5 inches.  Change to 10 mm circulars and continue in ribbing for 6 MORE inches.  Cast off all sts VERY loosely.
Sew sleeves in the armhole opening, sew sleeve and side seams.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Preview of New Pattern

 Next pattern is coming... a ribbon cowl neck sweater in navy blue!  So classic.  I just finished it and will have to carve a bit of time to plunk down the pattern, but I promise to get to it in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, I am finishing the fourth bridesmaid dress, anticipating a fitting this weekend, and I have lots of other sewing to get to as well.  Golf is back in my life, playing today at 1:30 with the girls!  And we have a guest in the house for a week... meet Cosmo...
He is a green cheeked Conure, and loves to hang out with my hubby.  Here is a close up of him and you can clearly see that he was helping the handyman to paint the garage door! (yes, the beak is normally all grey, not grey and white!)  I hope my daughter forgives us for painting her bird!