Thursday, May 24, 2012

 First stage of the big felt project.  Make Pre-felt pieces.  These are layered merino rovings, blended in three thin layers and wet with soap to slightly bond together.  You want these pieces to hold together, but not felt hard or shrink.  The idea is that this fabric can then be cut (into leaf shapes) and laid onto the sky blue background rovings, and then the whole piece will be rubbed and worked, and then shrunk together, so that the leaves remain clearly defined in the background colour.  Above you see the merino roving (in the bag) and the edge of the layers on the blue bubble wrap.
 Here I am laying on the last layer of the light green piece.
 This one is the medium green, with dark green bits that will be used to shade the leaves.  It will be more apparent when I cut them.
Above is the light green piece, drying.

Not terribly exciting in themselves, but the large piece will involve many layers of leaves and stems and apples to reach the end result.... More to come!

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