Sunday, June 23, 2013

Felt, Jays, Lips and Face(book)

In the last couple of weeks, I have had a visit from my sister (from Winnipeg) and a trip to the Blue Jays game, and a felting workshop, on top of my usual work, sewing, golfing and knitting... I love doing all of these things, but some days I just feel a bit TOO busy!
Here are two photos of the felting workshop.  We made summer shawls, that are mostly 100% silk, with bits of wool and other fibres that make the silk crinkle up and add texture.

 Here is the CN tower, as seen from the Blue Jays ball park.  It was a lovely day and you could see the tourists taking an Edge Walk.  It looked frightening from down here, I cannot imagine going up there and dangling on the edge!
 The Blue Jays lost the day we were there, but starting the next day, they entered into a winning streak that just won't quit!  I promise not to go to another game (clearly they lose if I am there) until the streak is broken (by someone OTHER than ME).

 My sister came to visit, and one of the reasons (besides that she LOVES me) was for me to design and sew a dress for an upcoming wedding.  The bodice of the dress is this amazing copper colour woven fabric.  I decided to add a cool little clutch purse, and here it is.  The zipper separates the lips, and it eats up whatever you need to bring along!
 I also have taken on the task of "Facebooking" the Office.  We will post news and photos and updates for our patients in what I hope will be a light and amusing way....  This is me at work.
What you may notice is that I have NO knitting to show you.  Part of it is because I hardly have time for knitting (or taking photos of knitting).  I will have some to show you soon. Part is that what I have been knitting (slowly) is a surprise for someone, and I do not want to reveal too early.  When I can reveal, there should be some fun postings.

Stay near.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

all free knitting website ERROR

I have been bombarded with emails from knitters,  looking for the pattern to match this photo:

It seems that they linked the pattern to this pattern:

Such confusion.  And to top it off, they re-named the above handspun laceweight scarf, the LILAC MIST SCARF, so the poor readers could not even search my blog for the pattern.  Silly linking.

So to aid those who are hopelessly LOST in my blog, may I please re-direct you to:

Lilac Mist Scarf, aka, handspun laceweight scarf!

Happy knitting!