Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Update

I have almost finished the Noro Blossom turtleneck, and I am actually looking forward to the cold weather, so I can wear this. The colours are of course, Noro-licious, and the Blossom yarn is seriously soft. I have only to sew the shoulder seams, and add the big, loose turtleneck, then the side seams and I will be cranking up the air conditioner to take photos of this puppy! The pattern, you will see, is very easy and knits up quickly on 5mm needles.


came in the mail from Elann. An impulse buy for sure, as they lured me in with a one-day-only full-bag-sale of Esprit (my favourite cotton stretch yarn) for $20 a bag of 10 balls. This will make a full sweater, with left overs for headbands or hats.

My knitting girls and I have planned a field trip (put off for a few weeks due to pending vacation trips of two members). We will visit our local alpaca farm, where we will meet the lovely animals and tour the farm, then sit down and try our hand at spinning and fondle (and buy) the local alpaca yarn products. This intriques me as I have always wondered how easy it is to spin my own yarn, and it scares me that I may end up using precious knitting time to actually spin and create MORE yarn for my stash, thus increasing the stash to infinite proportions! Still, I think I need to see and feel this ancient art. Who knows, I may find room in my back yard for a fleece producing animal of my own, and complete the whole circle of fleece-sheer-spin-dye-knit and wear a truly hand made garment....

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