Sunday, September 7, 2008

Colinette Tagliatelli Coat

Finally, I have a few moments to gather the pattern for the Tagliatelli coat. I finished knitting a couple of weeks ago, but it took me a while to finish all the ends and sew on the buttons, and of course it has been way too hot to model the coat for the camera... today it is cool, and it has just finished raining, so I get to it.
This pattern uses two Colinette yarns, one a lovely wool tape that drapes and is light and stretchy and the other a sturdy cotton bulky, both in the same colour family, but the texture is different, and the cotton adds stability and finishes the edges nicely ( I used it for the ribbings and edges and collar).

Yarn: Colinette Tagliatelli (90% wool, 10% nylon)- 4 100gm skeins, and Colinette Crysalis (94% cotton, 6% nylon) 2 100 gm skeins. Both yarns in colour Venezia.
Needles: 8mm (11US)
Finished measurements: 40 inch chest and 32 inch from shoulder to bottom edge.

Back: With 8.0 mm needles and Crysalis, cast on 48 sts. Start rib pattern; K2 P2. Work in rib for 3 inches, then switch to Tagliatelli and stocking stitch (Knit right side, Purl wrong side) Work straight as established until Tagliatelli band is 3.5 inches, then work the Crysalis reverse stocking stitch band (on right side, Purl the first row, Knit 2nd row, Purl the 3rd row, Knit the fourth row). This band will leave a ridge of cotton on the right side of the coat. Return to Tagliatelli and stocking stitch for 3.5 inches and keep alternating yarns and patterns as described until the back is 23 inches from start.
Armhole shaping; Bind off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Decrease 1 at each side once more. Continue working until piece measures 32 inches. Bind off all stitches.
Front: Make 2,[reverse shaping of 2nd front]. Cast on 24 sts, and begin 2 by 2 rib for 3 inches in Crysalis. Work as for back including same yarn changes and stitch changes, and armhole shaping, and when piece measures 28 inches shape center neckline: Bind off 7 sts at neck edge, then decrease one more on next right side row. Work until same length as back and bind off all stitches.
Sleeves:[make 2]Cast on 20 sts in crysalis, work rib, then tagliatelli and crysalis bands as for back, increasing one stitch at each end on 8th row and every 6th row , until there are 38 sts on needles. Continue until length of sleeve is 19 inches [or desired length].Cap shaping; Bind off 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 sts every right side row 6 times . Bind off 3 at beg of next 2 rows , then 4 at beg of next 2 rows (4 sts remain). Bind off. Finishing; Using Circular needles (8.0 mm) pick up 90 sts up right front edge with Crysalis, and knit in 2 by 2 rib for 3 rows (right side facing) Button Band: K, P1 [P2together/yarn over loosely/P2together, P1, K2, P2, K2, P1] repeat all that is in the brakets 3 more times, then P2together/ Yarn over loosely, P2together and rib to end. Next row: Rib as established BUT Purl in the front AND back of the Yarn Over from the row below(creates 2 stitches in the yarn over) to re-establish the ribbing as before. Rib as established for 2 more rows and bind off the band in ribbing. Left side, make 2 by 2 ribbing to match the right side(without the big holes!). Collar: With Crysalis pick up 45 around the neckline and work in K1, P1 ribbing for 5 inches, bind off. Sew sleeves into armholes and sew all side seams. Put BIG buttons on left side to match the holes.

Oh, and here are my newest sunglasses. Yes I am a slave to fashion and have caved to the pressure to wear really big sunglasses with bling on the arms (all the rage with Hollywood trendsetters and middle age Canadians alike!)


Anonymous said...

Can you please clarify: there are conflicting amounts of skeins between your blog and your Ravelry page do I need 4 skeins of Tagliatelli (what it says here) or 8 skeins (what it says on the Ravelry project page); and do I need 2 sheins of Chrysalis (what it says here) or 3 skeins (what it says on Ravelry)? Both yarns are discontinued, so I really need to know the right quantity.

Thank you,


chris said...

hi Michele, I fixed the Rav post... not sure how that happened. Colinette yarns have LOTS of yardage, especially Tagliatelli. The lower numbers are correct. Hope you can find some. I LOVE that yarn!

Ellisen said...

Thank you. Love this coat.

Sandy said...

I love this coat. I am in Newmarket, ON. Where did you purchase the wool for this coat?

chris said...

I bought my Colinette yarns from The Needle Emporium, in Ancaster, Ontario. I have also shipped it straight from in Wales.
Unfortunately, Tagliatelli and Crysalis are discontinued now, so maybe can only be found on eBay from private stash clearings!
Other Colinette chunky yarns could work though.
Hope that helps.