Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chilly, Sunny Saturday

On a rare full Saturday off, I hate to miss out doing everything I love to do, so I got the groceries early and before the Easter shopping rush (at the market at 8am), then we hit the links at 10:30. It was only about 6C, and a bit too windy for my liking, but we tough it out because the alternative is, well, NOT golfing....? nah.
I wore long undies, turtleneck, wool sweater, long pants, two layers of socks, insulated vest and a windbreaker.... and headband that covered the ears and my Masters Bucket hat to mark the weekend. I also have winter golf gloves (a pair of fleece backed and suede palmed gloves) that make a huge difference. I had a birdie, a couple of pars and lots of bogies and doubles, but hey, I was golfing early in April, so yahoo.
The lacy cardigan was finished last evening, and is awaiting buttons. I really like it and will probably wear it a lot, as it is light and dressy and I can wear this style to work. I am planning what to do with this lovely fine yellow merino.... not sure yet, so will continue with some put-aside socks for a day or two.
Here's one more sock monster....

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