Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Machine!

This has been a crazy busy week... work of course, but also a run into Hamilton to buy this new beauty....

Its a Janome 6600, a professional sewing and quilting machine that does everything except the dishes! It has special feeding, thread cutting, knee lifting for the presser foot and 160 stitches including monograms. wow. I have been using a basic, nice, Kenmore machine (Janome factory made) for 10 years, but this one is slick and fast.

The main reason I chose to plunge into this major purchase is the other reason it has been a busy week. Darling Daughter and I have been emailing back and forth and finally came up with the right presentation for the wedding email! She and her sweety are getting married in the Caribbean next spring and we have been busy planning and sorting the details and have finally come up with a package that we can present to family and friends. wheewww.

The machine is for the big sewing project... the wedding dress. I used to make wedding dresses back in the stay at home days. You may find a few dress photos on this blog in the near future!

Here is the newest yarn project photo.

Noro cashmere island!

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