Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fringy Suede Scarf

This long textured scarf was inspired by the yarn. The suede feel and natural colour reminded me of a suede jacket I had in the 80's that had a row of fringe around the chest and shoulders. I wondered if I could knit the fringe as I went, and tried casting on and casting off 10 stitches at the start of every row. A really easy project, and quick knit on 6mm needles.

Yarn: Lion Brand Suede, 3 - 85gram balls.
Needles: 6mm (US 10).
Pattern: Cast on 25 stitches. Row One: bind off 10 stitches, Knit the 15 remaining. Turn.
Row 2: Cast On 10 new stitches at the start of the row, then bind OFF 10 stitches, and knit the remaining 15.
Repeat row 2, adding a new ball of yarn when you run out, until the length desired or almost all of ball three is done (mine is 7 feet long, and I used only half of the last ball).
Last row: cast on 10 stitches, then bind off ALL 25 stitches. weave in ends.

Funky, fringy, cool.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your energy from ? You knit, sew, golf, work, workout, travel ? You exhaust me but I love reading about your life.

Chris from NY

chris said...

I still think there are not enough hours in the day for all the things I WANT TO DO. I think I will have to start working less hours soon!

Yarner said...

lol, I am happy I discovered your delightful blog. I have to tell you, I retired in Dec. 2009, and I have less time than ever! Especially now that I have found this place of good work. :)