Friday, January 1, 2010

Renovation and Cables

We are at the Waterloo house for two days over New Year's , to refinish the Kitchen cabinets and install new carpet in the third bedroom. So far we have taken the doors and drawers off, painted the backs (they were still old wood - lazy previous owners) and flipped them and have done two coats on the fronts. The colour is a medium toffee, in a satin finish. The framing is also done, and now we are ready to put new brushed nickel hinges and new nickel handles on the doors, and hang them up in place.

This house has been our student house, for our kids and their rent-paying friends. It has been a fun project for hubby and me. We have brought our skills in home repair and decorating, and have made drapes and art (me) and a shed, plumbing (hubby) and new carpets and tiles (both of us). We will be selling it to new student parents in the spring, so will be doing last minute painting and cleaning in the last month.

Here is the kitchen work so far..

I am also working on a cabled pullover sweater - a new design, to be posted soon - made from a merino/cotton blend which holds the cables well.... I allow a short break to rest and knit every few hours (sore back needs a break)...

The sweater will be a short sleeve with a big cowl neck. Worn on its own or over a long sleeve tee shirt, it should be trendy-cool.... :)

later..... the finished kitchen...



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crazycrafter said...

WOW! You are doing a lot of work to your kitchen . . . but it looks beautiful! I love those socks and the pullover is pretty! Blessings,

Hannah, age 12