Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Reno-Warriors

The weekend was another in the on-going fix -it-up-to-sell visits to the Waterloo house... This one involved bathroom wall patching and painting. We have three bathrooms and all three need attention. The two with showers have areas around the showers that have water damage... you know, if you don't quite close the sliding door, the water trickles through and drips down the wall and leaves, well, a marred paint finish. So scrape and spackle and sand and respackle and sand again, then paint. The two rooms are at the second sand and paint stage by the end of the weekend, so one more weekend will have them done! We also removed the window air conditioner and restored the screen and curtains on the back window. Also cleaned the oven (yes, it is grey enamel inside, not black charcoal!). Painted the stairway and hall downstairs a sunny yellow (still the old blue that was toooooo dark and dingy) and painted the doors downstairs a creamy white. And the powder room on the main floor was painted yellow.
The only knitting I got done was on the hour and a half drive to and fro the house, and a break from painting of about an hour. This was equal to almost one whole sock. (sock photos will be another day, when they are all done)....
It looks like we will be ready to list the house next Sunday, then keep fingers crossed that it sell easily and on budget, and we can all relax and focus on getting Robin through exams and then we can all enjoy Jamaica and the wedding! Hopefully there will be plenty of time for moving out and closing the house after the trip.... :)

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crazycrafter said...

Wow! You are so busy! I want to see pictures of the sock! What size needles and brand of yarn are you using?