Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yarn in the Mail

I received this today.

The perfect treat for an otherwise over the top crazy busy day (mostly a good day, just TOO busy and I am tired). We installed new software in the office and had a crash course to learn it, then with all the morning regular stuff still to complete, I ate a 3 minute bagel lunch and got back to catching up. I was running behind all day and did not have a moment to rest. I think I still had some things that I never got too, but I will face that tomorrow.... The software seems great and simple enough to use.
The yarn is sport weight Blue Faced Leicester, from Elann. It is in it's natural colour and ready in skeins to dye if required, and that is exactly what I want to do with it. I will do this this weekend, and will photo the process as I go.
I am dye-ing to get to it (teehee)

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