Sunday, September 26, 2010


ay behind on my posts. I have finished two sweaters and started a third without a word to you! SHAME! I have just posted a golf club cover sock monkey... on my sewing blog ----)

and you can see there that I am happily quilting too.
Here is a sneak peak of what is on the needles now.....

and here is a quick photo of one of the most fabulous garments I think I have ever made!!!


This pattern will be posted soon!



you created quite a stir when you wore this lovely aweater in Chapters..I missed it as on my break but Suzette showed mje your blogspot and I am smitten..will the pattern be up b4 Oct 8 when we leave for Myrtle beach for 2 weeks as I'd like to knit it while on that's my knid of
and snitting (trying for alliteration)also 4 Moebius wraps and 2 quilts to finish for Xmas...nutty

chris said...

Thanks Kathleen! Yes, it is next to post, today hopefully!
It is fabulous to wear and relatively easy to knit....
Check back to the blog in a bit, and enjoy the other patterns too...