Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost done...

I have been away for a week, golf and sun in Myrtle Beach. We hit a perfect week, with hot sunny days and mild nights. Hubby and I played 8 rounds of golf in 6 days. I would like to recommend DirectAir, from Niagara Falls... very inexpensive, and only 1.5 hours non-stop flight straight into Myrtle Beach airport. We left at 3pm, and were in our rental car by 5:30 on the way to our hotel.

We saw lots of these cute "racoon" squirrels on the golf courses. They were busy gathering nuts and burying them everywhere.

I was knitting a sock this week. I like to take sock knitting on the plane. The short needles won't poke into my neighbours! It also takes up little space in my carry on, and I have never been challenged by the skinny bamboo needles at security... they are no more threatening than wooden toothpicks!

The Charity Auction Coat is almost done. Just a few more inches of the last sleeve and then the sew-up.


Anonymous said...

I was in Myrtle Beach too....this past week. Wasn't the weather AMAZING....I don't play golf but my husband and sister and brother-in-law did and got a similar photo of the raccoon squirrels.....Small world...sorry to be back home in the cold northeast!

Chris from Albany NY

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Never to old to learn something.
Raccoon squirrels.
Stop by to read your blog now and then.
Better known as one of your peeps. :0)