Monday, February 28, 2011

Cashmere progress

I know that I have been posting a lot of felting here, and it is easy to make a felt piece, photo and share as they are quick, on to two day, projects. Rest assured I am still knitting (can't take that away from me!) and I wanted to show the progress of my pink cashmere hoody pullover! I am on the last sleeve, and like many of my own designs, I sewed the shoulder and added the hoody, before starting the sleeves. I do this because a hood takes so much yarn and I can always rip it back or make shorter sleeves if the amount of yarn seems to be dwindling. This particular yarn is a batch from an ebay seller, and there is lots, but there is no more if I run low!

Here is the full shot, with flash that shows the accurate colour, a pink, fuchsia blend with white flecks.
The second shot without the flash better shows the striped eyelet pattern I am using.

I expect to be done, washed, blocked and posted here by the end of the week. Now is the time I start planning my next knitting project, hmmmmmm.


Nancy said...

This cashmere sweater is looking GREAT Chris! And it looks like you might have to manage Blog #3 on Nuno-Felting! :-)

chris said...

I may have to expand to blog-3... "Chris Felt Great Today"!! haha