Monday, March 28, 2011

Cotton Cardigan nearly done

What a busy crafty weekend! I made the fine-tuned fitting changes for the mom-of-groom dress, and made the lining, attaching it to the dress. It is now ready for final fitting and hemline adjustment. I also made a new dress for another friend. A lovely royal blue stretch knit, made with a cleverly designed pattern that includes asymetric shaping, and lining. This one is now ready for first fittings tomorrow. I also made a stunning jacket for myself. The pattern is a Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern and features custom embellishments that make it one of a kind! You can check out more about the sewing on my other blog.

The cotton cardigan has been on the backburner, and I have ended the days with a few hours of relaxing knitting. I have now the back, two fronts and half of the first sleeve done. I really love this cotton yarn. It is one of the few I have found that does not split. Hopefully it does not sag too much as well. The swatch blocked nicely, but of course it is not big enough to get a real feel for the sag-potential. I will report again after finished and blocked and worn for a bit!

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