Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Game...

I have a link to a free trial game on iTunes.... Kumundrum is a puzzle game that is fun and addictive. I would ask that all of you that have iphone, ipad, and ipod touch, PLEASE download and try it. If you enjoy it, please rate it on iTunes. This game is the first (of many we hope) that my son's new venture, Hope This Works Games, has produced. I think it's great (what mom wouldn't) but the real test is if real folks try it and play it and love it. Leave a comment here too if you would like.
I know this is not about knitting, but we occasionally need a break from knitting (rarely) and I hope you will indulge me on this request. Please pass on this link to other friends and family who do the ipod/pad/phone thing, and lets make this game viral! Thank you from my heart!

1 comment:

Jane Meierhenry said...

I downloaded this game last week and already played all the free screens! Love it.