Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Sock Monkey

I know, this is not knitting. I was in the local drugstore, and cut through the seasonal gift aisle on the way to the post office in the back. Suddenly I stopped. There on the shelves were several sizes of what I can only assume to be sock monkey toys. What really stopped me was how BAD they were, being sewn out of cheap stretch cotton (think tee shirt) fabric, and way too big to be even close to being made from a sock. This is what the mass production and commercialization of a traditional (and perfectly fine JUST the way it is) toy creates. Yuck. The only sweet part was they had a heart sewn to the chest (by factory workers in China).
So I was suddenly obsessed with making the world right again by sewing one of these!

So Please, make them this year for your Sweethearts! Or at least find an authentic sock monkey ARTIST, and get the real deal! They don't even cost very much and haven't changed in 100 years!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

From what I have seen of them...if I sewed I'd be critical of the workmenship in them too.
Picked one up and set it right back down on the store shelf.
Didn't fall in love with it. ;0)
Anymore....seeing made in China is a turnoff for me. We export so little and the amount of junk they and other countries import, makes me ill.

Anonymous said...

I follow you religiously. I am the Chris from the Albany area that wrote to you a while back. I have made your golf club covers, actuallly several times. I was in Myrtle Beach the same time you were, except didn't know it till I got back and read your blog...surprised you didn't run into my sister with her golf club covers made from your pattern. I don't golf.

One thing I need to know....just when do you find the time to work, or clean your house? I am insanely jealous of your many talents...

I too knit, sew, quilt and paint. Just finishing up my first quilted bag....and my house is amess and being I work from home, I am behind....

Keep blogging, I do so enjoy reading about your projects

Chris in the Albany/Schenectady area

chris said...

Hi Chris!! Love the comments! I am fortunate to work part time now, just 18 hours a week, so more time for crafts and golf and fun! My house is a mess though, as it is LOW priority! And my skills in the kitchen produce fast plain food (or better... ordered in food) so no wasted time there!!
Keep reading!

Grandama2936 said...

I was so disappointed when I ordered a sock monkey from PCH. It showed a 16 inch obviously made from a sock monkey and it was labeled flying sock monkey. It came with a fur like fabric and a cheap cape. I was soooo disappointed. I planned to give it to my grandson for Christmas. I was disappointed that this post wasn't a pattern! I need to research and find the real McCoy:)

chris said...

These sock monkeys are easy to make at home, and worth the two to three hours (tops)... you can find instructions all over the internet.. search "how to make sock monkeys". That's what I did.
get wool socks
bits of embroidery or fine yarn for details.

Please... Make real sock monkeys!!!

Cheers, Chris