Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pattern Pending...

It has been a crazy two weeks. We planned to go away to Myrtle Beach for ten days, but about one and a half weeks before flying Directair to a sunny vacation, the airline decided to pack it in and had a lovely message on their website and phone line.... we are closed, contact your credit card company for a refund! (I feel bad that VISA had to clean up the mess!). Needless to say a replacement last minute flight would cost us 4 to 5 times what we had lined up so... we drove. This added 14 hours of travel time to each end of the trip... but... it also added lots of knitting time! So I finished the cable sweater, and started the next project.
I will have to wait another week to post it however, as I am off to spend Easter with my baby brother in California! I would have preferred more than two days to unpack and repack, but that's the way it works out sometimes, so here I go again.
I also have very exciting news. I have been chosen to be one of the local artists in a huge art installation that will be part of the closing ceremonies for the CULTURAL CAPITAL OF CANADA 2012. Niagara Region won the honour this year (along with Calgary, Alberta) and many events are planned throughout the summer and fall. You can read about it HERE, and I will post more about my art piece, a combination of felting, fabric, beading and maybe a bit of knitting, to make a tall wall hanging 18 inches by 5 feet.

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