Monday, June 4, 2012

Background Felting TWO

 Here it is drying on the sun-room floor.  Since I last posted, I rolled the felt in the wrap and noodle for about one hour (plus several times of unwrapping, checking and re-rolling in the other direction).  This is very physical work, especially in such a large piece.  I had to roll it until it looked like the leaves were completely flat within the fabric and the texture was firm, with just a hint of the "pebbling effect" that a finished felt piece has.  This means that the fibers are well linked together and that the whole fabric is starting to shrink.
 At that point, I release it from the bubble roll, and make the hot and cold baths.  I use my double sink, with one side as hot as my hands can stand (with a bit of soap added) and the other side super cold.  The fabric goes from the hot side, where I kneed and adgetate for about 5 minutes, then plunge into the cold for another 3 minutes, until the piece is completely cold.  After draining and pushing as much cold water from it, I throw it a few times into the empty sink, while I fill the hot again.  Then into the hot side and repeat the process, for 4 to 5 times (takes about 45 minutes) until the piece is well pebbled and quite firm, and also about 50% smaller.
The photos show the effect I was looking for, pebbled, and the leaves are well faded into the background.  The should look a bit softer than the forward leaves and apples that will be placed over the background.
I am very pleased so far with the piece.  Lots more felting and details still to come  :)

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