Monday, October 15, 2012

Art in the Region

The day arrived.  The art is installed in the Niagara Region Headquarters.  Mine is the green apples, part of the harvest series.  The five pieces were done in five different styles of mixed media artwork.  Mine is mostly wet felt and the stages can be followed by clicking the "felting" link in the upper right side of the blog.

 They are green apples, cherries in stained glass, 6 quart fruit baskets in mosaic, peach blossoms in fabric, embroidery and beads, and grapes in beads, fabric, wire and felt.
 Here is me next to my piece, in a favourite Colinette Tagliateli hand knit sweater.
 These are the other 9 pieces, each of three photos were reproduced in mixed fiber art by three different artists, who had to coordinate the edges of their pieces to match the one next door!  There is quilting, painting, paper, stitching, beading and even natural wood and rocks applied to the surfaces.  One is all rug hooking!
And finally one silly photo, doing my best Price-is-Right showcase pose.... notice the concentration on the face...  such a serious artist!

If you are in the Niagara Peninsula, and wish to see these wonderful pieces in person (and they DO look even more amazing in person than in photo) go to the Region Headquarters, first building on Schmon Parkway, off St. David's Road in Thorold.  In the main doorway, left through the cafeteria, to the next hall.... there is the first set, and the next right is the second set.  Anyone can stop by in business hours!  And send me a comment if you have seen them in person.  I would love to hear what you think!


Mar said...

Oh, how I wish I could see your beautiful, exquisite work in person! You should be very proud of yourself for such an undertaking. Best wishes on all your endevours. I am sooo glad I found your blog. <3 Mar.

chris said...

Thanks so much Mar!