Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here is THE coat.

I am pleased to debut my newest nuno-felt coat.  It is sheer printed silk (vintage sari silk) embellished with merino wool, yarn and other silks, to make a dramatic softly draped spring coat.

 And for you knitters, the teal shell I have on under this wonder, is my next pattern... to be posted by the weekend (I hope).  I need some time with my calculator, to create the pattern in lots of sizes.  :)

 You can see how sheer some of the coat is.  The upper back and front is a bit less sheer, but the front opening is mostly a sheer scarf effect, and the whole lower half is more silk than wool, creating a flowing edge to the coat.
 I have posted it on ETSY, with an offer to custom make one for YOU.  Your colours, your size, truly one of a kind if we work together!

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GrannyB said...

Love the coat. Hope you don't mind the suggestion, but when taking a photo outdoors with too much light behind you and you in shadows, use a fill-flash to even out the lighting. Typically, when using a digital camera, do not use a flash indoors but do outdoors. It's not intuitive, but it works.