Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Etsy Shop restocked!

It has been such a busy summer, I have only just got around to restocking the shelves of the etsy shop!  There are a few of the silk nuno felt scarves, and a few sock monkeys and monsters.  More to add in the next few days, so if there is a colour of scarf / shawl you love and do not see, please email me.  I may have it in stock already!

You can see them all through the window on the right side of the blog (photo of me in the silk nuno felt coat)   Over there-----------------)

 The sock monkeys were a big hit last Christmas, so here is a start on the inventory for this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I frequent your blogs for inspiration. You have beautiful yet practical items. Regarding felting, I wonder if you may offer the pattern, for a fee, and details for the material for felting silk scarves, and shopping guide.
I live in California, not likely to be able to take a workshop.

chris said...

The process of nuno felting is a very hands on experience. I could not write instructions and expect anyone to end up with the products that we make in workshops. My suggestion is to find a workshop near home and plunge in! Alternate... find a uTube video and self teach. (much more trial and error involved). My source of fiber is The Fibre Garden in Jordan Village , Ontario, Canada (they mail order) and the silks are sourced as vintage silk saris on eBay...
My workshop costs $80 per scarf OR you can buy one in my shop for $80! It could be your inspiration to learn to nuno-felt!